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Heavy Rains cause flood waters to rise in downtown New Orleans

Heavy Rains cause flood waters to rise in downtown New Orleans

The Washington Post

'Scientists say the rapid sinking of Louisiana’s coast already counts as a ‘worst case scenario’

"A new paper, published Wednesday in the Geological Society of America’s bulletin GSA Today, includes an updated map of the Louisiana coastline and the rate at which it’s sinking into the sea, a process scientists call “subsidence,” which occurs in addition to the climate change-caused process of sea-level rise."

By Chelsea Harvey ; June 15th, 2017



"As the seas around them rise, fishermen deny climate change."

The Louisiana coast is changing, fishermen agree on that.  But they don't by the science that it's irreversible.

By Ed Lavandera and Jason Morris, CNN


Earth Institute: Columbia University

"Featured C+Ser: Krista Jankowski"

It’s rare for someone to decide if they want to study what happened 65 million years ago or what will happen in the coming decades, but that’s where Jankowski found herself before applying to Climate and Society.

By Climate and Society ; March 27th, 2017


Earth Institute: Columbia University

"Sea-Level Rise and Louisiana’s Coastal Wetlands"

"The effects of anthropogenic climate change – specifically sea-level rise due to ice melt and thermal expansion – are likely to threaten already vulnerable coastal wetlands in Louisiana according to a new study published in Nature Communications on Tuesday."

By Climate and Society ; March 18th, 2017

Photo by Torbjörn E. Törnqvist

Photo by Torbjörn E. Törnqvist

Tulane University

"Louisiana wetlands struggling with sea-level rise four times the global average"

"Without major efforts to rebuild Louisiana’s wetlands, particularly in the westernmost part of the state, there is little chance that the coast will be able to withstand the accelerating rate of sea-level rise, a new Tulane University study concludes."

By Barri Bronston ; March 14th, 2017